Hollywood Icon Status

 Lights, camera, action! This package is where you give SupraChic permission to unleash our super powers to bedazzle your event. SupraChic will create a custom, couture, lavish, and luxurious experience for any type of private event. We have the ability to take any blank space and transform it into a high-end, over the top, glamorous soiree. Most people are not ready to witness power of this magnitude.

Superstar Status

 This is where you and SupraChic collectively compound ideas to magnify your event. Additionally, you can give us your must haves, and we will combine our plush, stylish, yet unexpected elements leaving your event with a SupraChic impression.

Local Celebrity Status

This package is where SupraChic gives you or your business that subtle push into greatness. Let SupraChic use our trained fashion microscopic eyes to see what would otherwise be invisible to an unaided eye.