Phantom Signature service

Here at SupraChic we realize that romance is simply not everyone's forte.  Phantom's Signature romantic experiences is SupraChics's exclusive.  Phantom's Signature is custom designed to woo every one of our client’s special somebody.  Choose the phantom to help navigate your love interest’s uncharted territories of romance. Let us create a special moment for you and your significant other. Let the phantom perform his magical métier and construct a romantic, dreamy sanctuary where you and that special someone can encounter the potency of the Phantom’s signature touch. (Life’s simplest virtue is love). The best details of the phantom signature services are kept private. That way our client receives all praises and rewards. Romance is a virtue of SupraChic, so let us be your best kept secret. Now the question is can you keep a secret?

White Mini-cymbidium orchid with red leucadendron

This lush package is mostly known for its ability to showcase maximum romance. The phantom uses his show-stopping moves to make sure this encounter is flawless. Your love interest will simply be in awe that you were able to pull off something like this with effortlessly. Show your significant other you know all about love. This package is a sure way to drive your significant other wild. Do you have it in you not to tell?

Pink Mink Protea

This package is for clients who would like to have the phantom's signature help to hitting their love interest’s bulls eye. Phantom's signature understands how to work with our clients who already have some idea or those of you who don't have a clue how to leave your romantic footprints on your love interest’s mind. Phantom's magical signature touch will allow you to sit back with your significant other and take in all of the savory flavors, the aroma of the fresh cut full bloom flowers, and anything else that may happen. Shhh… keep your lips sealed.

Yellow Garden Rose

This package is for those of you that have a good sense of how you want to romance someone. However, you could use someone to help facilitate your master plan. Hire SupraChic's phantom and you can rest assured that everything is in good hands. SupraChic's phantom will make sure everything flows effortlessly. They will never even know…