Fashion Styling Consulting Service

Is a service where you will be left shining like a diamond.  All diamonds come in different beautiful color, shades, hues, and sizes. Below are some choices on how SupraChic can help your brilliance show. We have a wide variety of ways to shape your individual style, so can allow your inner light to shine.

Round Brilliant Cut

RBC is the most luxurious cut of diamonds. A real RBC has 58 facets and allows the most light to pass the through diamond.  This generates remarkable sparkles. Allow SupraChic's craftsmanship to create an outfit that will showcase your individual flawless beauty.

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds are for people we at SupraChic consider trend-setters. Give SupraChic the opportunity to build a tailored, chic look for you.  This package is a collaboration between you and SupraChic where we produce an outfit collectively. For example, if you have a specific garment in mind, and we apply the finishing touches, such as make-up, bags, shoes, and all other accessories. This allows SupraChic the opportunity to work one-on-one with our customers who have a very distinct look they are trying to achieve.

Emerald Cut

Our emerald cut customers are nearly finished with a complete fashion look, but they want a little boost to take their elegance to the next level. Let SupraChic add the last couple of polished pieces to your outfit to glamorize your look.