About SupraChic

Hi, my name Jason Thurman as the founder and CEO of SupraChic. Fashion secretly haunts my every last waking thought. Fashion is passionately infused into my dreams, which can be a nightmare trying to recall the elusive vivid details. To actually go through the creative process to make it come to life is the most beautiful thing. Fashion allows me to take on another persona. I receive this amazing rush of adrenaline taking risks where others dare to go. The best way to explain it is I get a feeling of an out-of-body spiritual experience. That's how I know I'm in the zone. Moreover, that's how I know anything to do with fashion is what I born to do. The pure fashion esthetic is a vessel where my SupraChic lifestyle dwells. Choose SupraChic to help you with any of your weddings, events, personal styling, or phantoms services, so you will have no regrets for getting the maximum potential of anything you’re doing.  I do not do fashion, I am fashion!  It will be my pleasure to help you with any of your fashion endeavors.